Bass lessons

Learn bass fundamentals and groove across all styles in our engaging lessons.

Bass Lessons

Master the groove with our engaging, dynamic bass lessons

£34 per hour

Bass Lessons

  • All levels welcome
  • From easy to advanced techniques
  • All Music Styles
  • Block of lessons available


£34 per hour

Bass lessons

  • All levels welcome
  • From easy to advanced techniques
  • All music styles
  • Block of lessons available


Embark on an exhilarating journey into the heart of music with our comprehensive bass lessons. Designed for aspiring musicians of all levels, our program offers an unparalleled opportunity to dive deep into the world of bass, unlocking the secrets to groove, rhythm, and musicality across all music styles. From the pulsating beats of rock and funk to the smooth grooves of jazz and blues, our curriculum is crafted to not only teach you how to play but to truly understand and feel the music you create.

The Advantages of Our Bass Program

Personalised Learning Experience: Our bass lessons are tailored to fit your unique musical interests and goals. Whether you’re a beginner picking up the bass for the first time or an experienced player looking to refine your skills, our instructors are here to guide you every step of the way.

Versatile Music Styles: Embrace the freedom to explore a wide range of music genres. Our program covers everything from classic rock to contemporary pop, allowing you to discover and master the styles that truly resonate with you.

Foundation to Advanced Techniques: Learn the fundamentals of bass playing, including proper hand positioning, plucking techniques, and rhythm keeping. As you progress, delve into advanced concepts like slap bass, improvisation, and soloing, enhancing your ability to express yourself musically.

Performance Opportunities: Apply what you’ve learned in real-world settings through performance opportunities. Our program encourages students to participate in recitals, band collaborations, and live performances, fostering confidence and stage presence.

Our Engaging Program Structure

Our bass lessons are structured around a comprehensive curriculum that balances technical skill development with creative expression. Starting with the basics, you’ll learn about bass anatomy, tuning, and maintenance, ensuring a solid foundation from which to grow. As you advance through our program, you’ll tackle:

  • Groove Mastery: Dive into the essence of what makes the bass stand out in any band—the ability to groove. Learn how to lock in with drummers and create compelling, foot-tapping rhythms that are the backbone of any song.

  • Music Theory: Understanding music theory is crucial for any musician. Our lessons include essential theory concepts tailored for bass players, enhancing your ability to communicate with other musicians and compose your own lines.

  • Ear Training: Develop your ear to identify notes, intervals, and chords. This skill is invaluable for improvisation and playing by ear, allowing you to more freely express your musical ideas.

  • All Music Styles: From the smooth lines of jazz to the aggressive tones of metal, our program embraces the diversity of musical genres. Learn the stylistic nuances that define each genre and how to adapt your playing to fit any musical context.

Why Choose Our Bass Lessons?

Choosing our bass lessons means you’re not just learning an instrument; you’re embarking on a musical adventure. Our passionate instructors are dedicated to making each lesson engaging, ensuring you stay motivated and excited about your progress. We believe in nurturing creativity and individuality, encouraging students to develop their unique sound and musical identity.

With state-of-the-art facilities and a welcoming community of musicians, our music academy is the perfect place to grow as a bassist. Whether you dream of performing on stage, joining a band, or simply enjoying the personal satisfaction of playing music, our program is designed to turn those dreams into reality.

Embark on Your Musical Journey

Imagine the thrill of playing your favourite songs, the excitement of jamming with fellow musicians, and the pride of performing in front of an audience. Our bass lessons offer all this and more, providing a comprehensive, engaging, and fun learning experience.

Don’t let another day go by without pursuing your passion for music. Join our community and start your journey to becoming a skilled, confident bassist. Whether your goal is to master the groove, explore various music styles, or simply enrich your life through music, our program is here to guide you every step of the way. Let’s make music together!

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