Bass and guitar lessons

Instruments like the bass and the guitar might make you think they are difficult to learn, with all those strings, frets, etc. but don’t get discouraged. They are very satisfying instruments to play, despite a steep learning curve at the beginning. I can cover a wide variety of music genres and playing styles adapted to your needs. What is your choice of a guitar? Electric? Acoustic? Classical? I can teach you any of them!
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Bass lessons

They might not always be in the spotlight, but the role of the bass player in a band is crucial. It serves as the instrument that holds all the other instruments together and make a song sound solid. This make all the difference between a hit song and an average one.

If you’re interested in learning how to play bass, you will realize how fast you are able to play a cool riff and surprise your friends! It’s easy to get the basics of bass playing, but mastering this instrument will take more work. It takes some time to learn thoroughly, just as any other instrument. That’s why guidance from a qualified teacher can help you progress quickly.

Why learn how to play bass guitar?
A band without a bassist will struggle to succeed!. Although guitarists and singers are usually the prominent members of a band, it would just feel empty without a bassline. Don’t underestimate the bass, it is there to both be heard and felt.
Even if an audience is unaware of the role the bass plays in a band, try to take away the bass and they will definitely feel the difference. Together with the drummer, the bassist provides the rhythm and groove of every popular music style. This means that the demand for a good bass player is always high – if you learn to play bass guitar well, you’ll have no trouble finding a gig!

Things you can learn in the bass lessons:

– Technique
– Essential Music Theory
– Fretboard Knowledge
– Groove/Feel/Timing
– Bass Guitar Scales
– Bass Guitar Arpeggios
– Position Playing
– Relative ear training
– Songwriting

Guitar lessons

The benefits of learning guitar can be life-changing. The discipline and creativity involved in learning to play guitar are key skills to develop in your life in general: it sharpens your concentration, improves your memory, increases your creativity and can help improve your dexterity, just to name just a few.

Whether you have never played guitar before or you already have some experience, getting some lessons will be definitely worthwhile. We can adapt lessons to your style, music taste and current skills. Your music taste and guitar style is important, as this can help me adapt the method I’ll use to teach you how to play the guitar.

Isn’t learning how to play the guitar the coolest thing ever?
Let’s be honest. Almost everybody who wants to play an instrument chooses the guitar. Not only because you look so cool when holding a guitar, but because it sounds fantastic, and you can get such a wide range of sounds depending on the type of guitar you play, the effects pedals you use, if you use a pickup or your fingers…the possibilities are endless.

What can you learn in the guitar lessons?
– Reading Standard Music Notation and Tablature
– Essential Music Theory
– Basic Open Position Chords
– A diverse range of genres/styles: Blues, rock, reggae, funk, metal, prog, pop
– Technique, Scales, Improvisation
– Focus on Harmony, Rhythm, Time feel
– Position Playing
– Relative ear training
– Songwriting