Welcome everyone! My name is Darío, the person behind the Kalandraka Music Academy, and I finally decided to create my own website to offer music lessons! Here’s some info about me. Thank you for reading!

My background
– I started playing classical guitar at the early age of 12, and I received guitar lessons for 4 years. After that, I started messing around with other music genres, such as rock, blues or metal (I had already purchased an electric guitar by then!). I also started to play the bass.
– At the age of 18, I became interested in electronic music, starting to both DJing (with Traktor) and producing music (with Cakewalk and Cubase)
– I had my first DJ gig when I was 20 years old, and I’ve  DJed in clubs ever since.
– At the age of 29, I started teaching music to students.
– I moved to Scotland in 2012 and continued to teach music lessons in Edinburgh.


– I teach music from private studio located inside the prestigious Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre at 25 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh.
– I record, produce, mix and master audio works to clients.
– I make my own music, as well as producing remixes for other producers.
– I continuously develop my skills and knowledge in order to keep ahead of new techniques, software and methods.