Advanced DJ Course

Master the Decks: Advanced DJ Lessons For Vinyl Enthusiasts

Advanced DJ Course

Master the Decks: Advanced DJ Lessons For Vinyl Enthusiasts

£339 / £659

Advanced DJ Course

  • Duration: 10/20 hours
  • Pre-requisites: Basic understanding of DJing
  • Single lessons and workshops available


£339 / £659

DJ Course

  • Level: advanced
  • Duration: 10/20 hours
  • Requisites: Solid knowledge of DJing
  • Single lessons and workshops available

Dive deep into the pulsating world of Electronic music with our advanced DJ lessons, meticulously crafted for seasoned DJs aiming to refine their craft and dominate the dance music scene. This comprehensive program is designed to push your skills beyond the limits, focusing on precision beatmatching, sophisticated mixing techniques, and mastery over iconic Technics turntables. If you’re passionate about taking your DJ career to the zenith of Techno and House music mastery, our lessons are your ticket to the top.


Our advanced DJ lessons are tailored for DJs who have a solid foundation in mixing and are looking to specialize in the nuanced realms of Techno and House music. Using Technics turntables, the gold standard for DJs seeking unparalleled control and authenticity in their mixes, this course will elevate your skills, ensuring you stand out in the competitive DJ landscape.

What You Will Learn

  • Technics Turntable Mastery: Achieve a deep understanding and proficiency in using Technics turntables, leveraging their high torque and direct drive for impeccable timing and control.
  • Advanced Beatmatching by Ear: Refine your beatmatching skills to perfection, learning to blend tracks flawlessly without relying on visual aids or software synchronization, a critical skill for Techno and House music where the beat is the heart and soul of every track.
  • Sophisticated Mixing Techniques: Explore complex mixing techniques specific to Techno and House genres, including layering tracks, EQing for seamless transitions, and using effects creatively to build energy and atmosphere.
  • Music Selection and Set Dynamics: Master the art of track selection and set construction, developing an intuitive sense of how to take your audience on a journey, building from deep, hypnotic grooves to peak-time anthems.
  • Audience Engagement and Psychology: Delve into the psychology of dance floor dynamics, learning to read and respond to your audience in real-time, ensuring your sets are not just heard but truly experienced.


Our advanced programme is a blend of technical mastery, creative exploration, and practical application, designed to challenge and inspire you.

Module 1: Technics Turntable Techniques

  • In-depth training on Technics turntables, focusing on their unique features and capabilities
  • Techniques for manual cueing, pitch control, and fine-tuning your touch for precise beatmatching

Module 2: Beatmatching and Tempo Mastery

  • Advanced exercises to hone your beatmatching skills, focusing on ear training and tempo adjustments without visual cues
  • Challenges to match beats across a wide range of Techno and House sub-genres

Module 3: Creative Mixing and Effects

  • Exploration of creative mixing techniques that define the Techno and House soundscapes
  • Strategic use of effects to add texture and depth to your mixes, enhancing the overall experience

Module 4: Music Theory for DJs

  • Advanced music theory concepts tailored to electronic music, focusing on harmonic mixing, key compatibility, and creating sonic journeys within your sets

Module 5: Performance Mastery

  • Strategies for crafting dynamic and memorable sets that resonate with diverse audiences
  • Techniques for maintaining energy and engagement, ensuring every performance is impactful


  • Hands-On Sessions: Participate in workshops led by veteran DJs and producers, offering personalized feedback and insights into the latest trends and techniques in Techno and House music.
  • Music Production Elements: For those interested in producing their tracks, workshops will cover the basics of music production, integrating DJing with live elements to create unique performances.
  • Networking and Career Development: Engage with industry professionals, fellow DJs, and promoters, expanding your network and exploring opportunities in the music industry.

Why Choose Our Advanced DJ Lessons?

  • Specialized Curriculum: Our program is one of the few that specializes in Techno and House music, offering in-depth knowledge and skills not found in general DJ courses.
  • Expert Instructors and Guest DJs: Learn from the best in the business, including guest workshops with renowned Techno and House DJs and producers.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: Train on industry-standard Technics turntables, ensuring you’re proficient with the tools used by top DJs worldwide.
  • Career Advancement Opportunities: Beyond technical skills, our course offers insights into the music industry, helping you navigate the path to becoming a professional DJ or producer.
Embark on a journey to DJ mastery with our advanced lessons. Refine your art, master the decks, and become a leading force in the Techno and House music scenes. Sign up now and turn your DJing passion into a career that resonates on dance floors around the world.

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