Beginner DJ Course

Kickstart Your DJ Journey: Beginner Lessons Tailored for Aspiring Mix Masters

Beginner DJ Course

Kickstart Your DJ Journey: Beginner Lessons Tailored for Aspiring Mix Masters

£319 / £619

Beginner DJ Course

  • Duration: 10/20 hours
  • Pre-requisites: none
  • Single lessons available


£319 / £619

DJ Course

  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 10/20 hours
  • Pre-requisites: none
  • Single lessons and workshops available


Welcome to the electrifying world of DJing, where the beats are endless, and the rhythms are yours to control. Our beginner DJ lessons are the perfect launchpad for anyone eager to dive into the art of mixing, scratching, and creating unforgettable musical experiences. Whether you dream of commanding the dance floors or producing your own tracks, our program is designed to turn those aspirations into reality.


Our beginner DJ lessons are crafted for individuals with little to no experience in DJing, providing a solid foundation in the fundamentals of DJ equipment, mixing techniques, and music theory. Through hands-on learning and personalized guidance, you’ll quickly move from novice to confident DJ, ready to make your mark on the music scene.

What You Will Learn

  • DJ Equipment Mastery: Familiarise yourself with the essential DJ equipment, including decks, mixers, headphones, and software. Learn how to set up and troubleshoot your gear.
  • Mixing and Blending Techniques: Discover the secrets to seamless transitions between tracks. Master beatmatching, EQing, and using effects to add depth and excitement to your sets.
  • Music Library Curation: Build an impressive music library that reflects your style and audience preferences. Learn how to organise your tracks for easy access and effective set planning.
  • Scratching Basics: Dive into the world of scratching, a hallmark of DJing. We’ll cover the basic techniques to add flair and personality to your performances.
  • Understanding the Crowd: Develop the skills to read and respond to your audience, ensuring every set you play resonates with the crowd and keeps them dancing all night long.


Our beginner DJ programme is structured to provide a comprehensive learning experience, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application. Here’s what our course offers:

Module 1: Introduction to DJing

  • Overview of DJ history and culture
  • Introduction to DJ equipment and software
  • Basic setup and equipment handling

Module 2: Music Theory and Library Management

  • Basics of music theory for DJs
  • Building and organising a versatile music library
  • Digital music formats and sources

Module 3: Mixing Techniques

  • Fundamentals of beatmatching and tempo control
  • Transition techniques and creative use of effects
  • EQing for smooth blends

Module 4: Scratching and Performance Skills

  • Introduction to scratching techniques
  • Developing your unique style and performance presence
  • Crowd reading and engagement strategies

Module 5: Recording and Promoting Your Sets

  • Basics of recording your DJ sets
  • Tips for promoting your music and performances
  • Networking and building your presence in the DJ community

Why Choose Our DJ Lessons?

  • Expert Instructors: Learn from experienced DJs who are active in the industry and passionate about teaching.
  • Hands-On Learning: Our lessons emphasise practical experience, ensuring you spend plenty of time behind the decks.
  • Customised Curriculum: While our program covers essential skills and knowledge, we tailor lessons to fit your musical interests and goals.
  • Supportive Community: Join a community of fellow DJ enthusiasts. Share your progress, collaborate, and grow together.

Embark on Your DJ Adventure

Whether you envision yourself headlining club nights or creating mixes that captivate listeners worldwide, our beginner DJ lessons are your first step towards making that vision a reality. Embrace the journey, and let’s create something extraordinary together. Sign up now and turn the tables on your musical dreams.

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