Intermediate DJ Course

Elevate Your DJ Skills: Intermediate Lessons for Aspiring Turntable Artists

Intermediate DJ Course

Elevate Your DJ Skills: Intermediate Lessons for Aspiring Turntable Artists​

£329 / £639

Intermediate DJ Course

  • Duration: 10/20 hours
  • Pre-requisites: Basic understanding of DJing
  • Single lessons available


£329 / £639

DJ Course

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Duration: 10/20 hours
  • Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of DJing
  • Single lessons available


Welcome to our Intermediate DJ Lessons, designed for those who have mastered the basics and are ready to elevate their DJing skills to new heights. This program is tailored for individuals looking to refine their techniques, dive deeper into the creative aspects of DJing, and become proficient with industry-standard equipment like Pioneer decks. If you’re passionate about advancing your DJ career, our lessons will provide the knowledge, experience, and confidence you need to stand out.


Our intermediate lessons focus on enhancing your mixing skills, perfecting beatmatching by ear, exploring advanced music theory, and mastering the use of Pioneer DJ equipment. This course is perfect for DJs who want to push the boundaries of their performances and create truly memorable experiences for their audiences.

What You Will Learn

  • Advanced Mixing Techniques: Delve into complex mixing techniques that add texture and excitement to your sets. Learn to create seamless transitions across different genres and tempos.
  • Beatmatching by Ear: Master the art of beatmatching by ear, a crucial skill for any DJ. This module emphasizes training your ears to recognize tempo and beat alignment without relying on software sync features.
  • Pioneer DJ Mastery: Gain in-depth knowledge of Pioneer decks and other equipment. Learn to leverage their full potential to enhance your performance, including advanced features unique to Pioneer models.
  • Creative Set Planning: Develop the ability to plan your sets creatively, ensuring each performance is fresh, dynamic, and engaging. Learn how to tell a story through your music selection and sequencing.
  • Audience Engagement: Elevate your skills in reading and interacting with your audience, creating an unforgettable atmosphere that keeps the dance floor energized.


Our intermediate DJ programme is structured around comprehensive modules that build upon your existing skills, with a strong emphasis on hands-on practice and real-world application.

Module 1: Advanced Equipment Proficiency

  • Deep dive into Pioneer DJ equipment, understanding advanced settings and features
  • Techniques for optimizing your setup for different performance environments

Module 2: Beatmatching Mastery

  • Exercises and techniques for perfecting beatmatching by ear
  • Challenges to apply beatmatching skills across various music genres

Module 3: Mixing and Effects

  • Advanced mixing techniques to blend tracks creatively
  • Utilizing effects to add depth and character to your sets

Module 4: Music Theory and Harmonic Mixing

  • Advanced music theory for DJs, focusing on harmonic mixing and key matching
  • Strategies for building tension and release within your sets

Module 5: Performance and Audience Dynamics

  • Crafting dynamic sets that respond to audience energy and preferences
  • Techniques for maintaining energy and engagement throughout your performance

Why Choose Our Intermediate DJ Lessons?

  • Expert Instructors with Industry Experience: Learn from seasoned DJs who are deeply familiar with Pioneer equipment and have years of performance experience.
  • Practical, Hands-On Learning: Our curriculum is designed to give you ample time behind the decks, applying what you’ve learned in a real-world context.
  • Customized Learning Path: While we cover essential intermediate skills, we also tailor the program to focus on areas where you specifically want to improve.
  • Community and Networking Opportunities: Connect with other aspiring DJs, share experiences, and build a network within the DJ community.

Take Your DJing to the Next Level

Our intermediate DJ lessons are your gateway to becoming a standout DJ, capable of captivating audiences with your skill, creativity, and technical prowess. Embrace this opportunity to refine your craft, master Pioneer decks, and make your mark on the music scene. Sign up now and transform your DJing career.


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