DJ lessons

When you want to become good at your craft, it’s important to have grasped the fundamentals elements. A solid foundation is your best starting point. These lessons will cover everything you need to know to become a good DJ. You will learn how to count music, how to beat match by ear, and we’ll even cover basic scratch techniques. Your instructor, Darío, is a DJ and producer with 18 years of DJ experience.

Find the option that best suits you:

Single lessons

Not sure what to learn?
When it comes to learning a new hobby, it usually happens that people are unsure if they will like it or not. So, why don’t start with individual lessons instead of enrolling on a course! You can try this first, and then jump to a course or choose a package when you are 100% sure you like it!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a clue about DJing. It looks harder than it actually is! You will discover you can match songs following some basic steps. So, get all the skills needed to start DJing, and don’t get discouraged by how hard it looks. It’s much easier than you think!

Whether you have some previous experience or not, we will adapt the content to your learning needs in order to make sure you have an enjoyable experience behind the decks.

Full courses

Courses overview

We are currently offering 2 courses: a 10 and a 20 hour course. And we are very flexible about how many hours a week you would like to receive, so it’s really up to you! The course will be adapted to the music genre you like the most. And it is also possible to receive a trial lesson before committing to a full course!

You can also join forces with a friend and get duo lessons at a cheaper price per person. Check it out here.

– Learning how to count music and understanding the meaning of beats, bars and phrases
– How to beat match
– Sync
– Timing (the structure of songs)
– The importance of your song selection
– Understanding the most important functions on DJ equipment
– Using the EQ
– Using effects
– Scratching
– Recording your mixes
– Branding: promoting yourself as a DJ