Terms and conditions

At Kalandraka  Music Academy we want to ensure that we are able to provide you with information that is suitable and useful. Below you will find a copy of the terms and conditions that you have agreed to. We advise that you keep this text for your own reference.


By booking lessons at Kalandraka  Music Academy, you are agreeing to accept these terms.


Requesting a cancellation

If the request is made with more than 24 hours in advance, the lesson can be arranged for another day/time, in the same week or any of the following ones. However, if the request for cancellation is less than 24 hours:

– Kalandraka Music Academy will try to rearrange the lesson on another day/time in the same week (this is subject to both the student and my availability). This lesson will be charged as usual.

– If the lesson can’t be arranged in the same week, the lesson will be charged. No exceptions are made.

– Sick absences and overtime work are also included in this cancellation policy.

Blocks of lessons expiration

The blocks of lessons don’t expire. If there are remaining lessons after an absence (sickness, holiday, etc), they  will be kept until the student comes back. 

Refunds for remaining lessons from a block

Kalandraka Music Academy doesn’t offer refund for lessons included in a block. However, these lessons are transferable, so somebody else can take them.

Lessons on hold

If a day and a time for a lesson hasn’t been fully confirmed by the student, Kalandraka Music Academy will hold a slot up to 48 hours before the lesson. After this time, it can’t guarantee the slot will be available. There is currently a waiting list for students wanting to get some specific slots (mostly at evening time), and if confirmation hasn’t been received prior to 48 hours to the lesson, the slot will become available.

Payment methods and when to pay

For single lessons, cash and card are acceptable, to be paid 24 hours prior to the day and time of the lesson. For block of lessons, bank transfer and PayPal are also acceptable, always paid 24 hours prior to the first lesson.
If a lesson hasn’t been paid before this timeframe, there is no guarantee the slot will be available. And if the payment hasn’t gone through at least 12 hours before the lesson, this will be automatically cancelled.

Additional costs

there are not any additional costs. Prices shown on the website are fixed to the final price.

Current prices

All prices on this website are subject to change without notice. However, Kalandraka Music Academy will keep the price on hold for those students who have paid a different price for a lesson, but this price will be revisited after 6 months.